So i thought i’d post a couple pics that we took while building the ‘Scrappy Coffee Table’ so i can outline the process and give people a little more info about how we work and what we work with.

The first step was to plane and cut down pieces of the reclaimed wood we had selected to use. We had to plane very carefully in order to keep the dark patina you see on some of the boards. The most labor intensive part of the whole thing was probably laying out the wood to get the desired effect we were going for. It was hours of  ‘i think we should leave a gap here… and here’ and ‘but i think this row should be a bit darker’. It wasn’t exactly scientific, just subjective aesthetic decisions that led us to the final arrangement of parts and pieces.

And here’s an image of when we glued up the final arrangement. I think we used every clamp in the shop.

After we got the clamps off, we sanded. But once again, we had to be careful not to sand too much off the top to save that awesome darkness.  So here’s an image with the clamps off.

After this, we made a few 45 deg. cuts, glued and screwed the corners to ensure it was solid, and added the gas pipe shelf… then lacquered the whole piece to make sure it would be beautiful for years to come. Hopefully we’ll be posting more of these ‘how we made it’ type articles in the future. If you have questions or comments about the process, always feel free to comment or send us an email at