This is the second iteration of this wine rack we have done, the first having been submitted for a competition/auction at the Living Room Realty and Rebuilding Exchange charity event…The requirements were very simple: Design and build a wine rack out of reclaimed materials, provided by the Rebuilding Exchange. It should hold five wine bottles in any orientation that allows the cork to stay wet. Almost too simple really, with so few restrictions where does one begin? It becomes an exercise in form and fabrication. How to make an interesting shape through a simple construction process.

We started by imagining a simple C-shaped module, mitered out of pieces from our single 2×12 board. Each module would hold one upside-down bottle and one wine glass if vertical, or two wine bottles if mounted horizontally. The “C” profile was glued up as one long extrusion, then chopped into five pieces and arranged in a shifted pattern, hinting at the fact that they were once one but still expressing each individual bottle/glass module. The form can be mounted on the wall in any orientation still allowing it to do its job. The douglas fir wood, already dark in color from decades of dirt, was charred on the inside with a blow torch, a little homage to the wine barrel I guess.  We think the satin finish really shows the texture of the original beam subtly and beautifully.

5 bottles, 5 glasses, that’s one bottle per person, right?

#1 SOLD – Living Room Realty Auction

#2 SOLD – Custom Commission