We stumbled upon a set of these chairs at the scrapyard one day, unmarked reproductions of the classic Marcel Breuer Ceska Chair, circa 1928. The backs were perfectly intact, however the caning on all but one of the seats was broken beyond repair from years of use. Rather than track down one of the few people left on Earth who have the ability to reproduce the original caning, we decided this was a perfect opportunity to try our hand at silkscreening. We created a photo-emulsion screen from a picture of our one remaining piece of intact seat caning, allowing us to print that image onto a new sturdier wood seat.The beech wood frames were refinished in a dark stain, the back caning painted white to match our new black & white seat graphic. The final product? From a few feet away, you may very well be convinced that the original seat caning is still there. Mission accomplished.