KATE & CRAIGModified is a furniture and design collaborative formed by two Chicago architects focused on creating useful objects out of reclaimed, salvaged or every-day materials.

We love finding parts, pieces or complete furniture to modify. We use graphics as life-blood to bring individuality to formerly mundane objects and we repurpose other found things to create unique modern furnishings. We try to be playful with our palette, because after all, design should be fun.

Whenever possible, we try to incorporate the notion of flexibility and multi-functionalism into our work while maintaining a reasonable cost for our consumers. Simply put, we want to create the most useful one-of-a-kind pieces and offer them at an accessible price-point.

While most of our furnishings are created without a specific client in mind, we also work with people to create custom work. This, too we like to think of as a collaboration. By engaging clients and making them part of the design process, we find that the end result is the most appropriate and we’re ensured that our clients will be happy for years to come.

Kate Votava

B.  Architecture: University of Cincinnati: 2004

M. Architecture: University of Cincinnati: 2006

Kate has been studying the relationship between ideas found in recent products and the shift towards ‘mass customization’ since her Master’s thesis. Her constant goal is to find ways to make products (including architecture) more relevant in today’s individualistic, democratic and changing society. In her  architectural life, she has been working on customizable prefabricated housing, and these ideas carry through to her work at all scales.

Craig Hamilton

B.  Architecture: University of Cincinnati: 2004

M. Architecture: University of Cincinnati: 2006

Craig could best be described as a functionalist. His designs are consistently based on problem solving in order to create objects with a form driven by function, not the other way around. His extreme attention to detail can be seen in the craftsmanship of the pieces.

Now, both Kate and Craig live and work in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. In their free time, both enjoy cooking and homebrewing. They often can be found hiking and backpacking throughout the country (and on occasion in other countries) in search of fortune and riches. Kate & Craig are currently saving up furniture proceeds for their ‘dream adventure’: to go backpacking in Patagonia… In the mean time, they will be attending as many music festivals as they can.