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These small tables pack a big literary punch! The man-made, disciplined text contrasts with the natural form of the mountains and talks about entropy, or the idea that organized things tend to want to fall into a disorganized state. You can pick these up at modern coop to help get yourself organized (ha ha).

Great job on the photos Mike!

_MG_7056 _MG_7054 _MG_7046


This cart is not for the faint of heart (or style). The angular edges of the industrial welding cart were picked up in the detailing of the reclaimed wood/resin top as well as the bottom shelves. The linear white & wood counter design looks great under almost every liquor bottle.

Check it out at Modern Coop, pics by fadeoutfoto.

_MG_7183 _MG_7184

Do you like Star Trek? Do you like Boomerangs? Do you need a coffee table? Checkmate.

Check it out at Modern Coop (which is where these lovely photos were taken)


Even though the natural habit of things is to fall into a disorganized state, you can break the rule with this handy cart! That’s right… a heavy reclaimed butcher block top with closed storage for pots, pans, records, or whatever you don’t want to see on the bottom! Pick it up at Modern Coop.

Thanks, Mike, once again, for the pics!


_MG_7064 _MG_7071

Quirky juxtapositions are one of our specialties here at MOD-O and this coffee table is no exception. This piece builds on our earlier series of dinosaurs and farm animals but places the subject (a plesiosaurus) with some common sea lions on a wild and rocky coast. We hope that this table makes people think about time and space relationships, but more importantly, we hope it creates good conversation with you and your friends. The structure is made from reclaimed wood (from the Rx as usual) with a mortice and tenon joint at either end. The image is bonded to 3/8″ tempered glass.

18″ wide x 48″ long x 15″ high

Available through Modern Cooperative


_MG_7139 _MG_7146_MG_7151

plesiosaur table 2plesiosaur table 2

plesiosaurus_sea lionsplesiosaur table w/ cat

Yes. You read right. Dinosaurs and domesticated farm animals are together at last! These four tables depict different dinos and other ‘more accessible’ animals living in the same space/time. Read what you want into them, but surely they’ll make for great conversation for your dinner party! Warm reclaimed wood is held together with a mortice & tenon joint and contrasts sharply with the cool tinted glass and black & white images. Use them together or use them separately.

25″ x 18″ x 15″ high

Available through Modern Cooperative

Even in the middle of January, this coffee table is smokin’ hot. The reclaimed wood shell wraps and holds a thick piece of steel to create a bottom shelf. The steel was chemically blackened for a dark, even look to contrast with the varied color and texture of the reclaimed wood.  All of the mechanical fasteners on the outside are hidden to create a smooth, sleek wrapper and the inside has a more industrial feel with exposed angles and lags along with the steel shelf itself.

All wood was salvaged and from the amazing  Rx here in chicago.

This was made as a custom piece for some amazing return clients. If you like it and want something similar, contact us at We’re happy to work with a variety of budgets and styles.

45″ x 26″ x 16″ high

Not only are these tables cute-as-a-button, you can store your buttons in their hand-carved, sexy indentations!  These tables are made from reclaimed walnut and salvaged steel frames and finished with a durable oil/lacquer combination. The wood was all cut angularly to emphasize the amazing grain of these solid walnut boards. They are as amazing to touch as they are to look at, so come see/feel them for your self (and then buy them and take them home).

24″ x 24″ x 15″ high

inquire for pricing

A band of horses and a pterodactyl are living in harmony (or not so much…the jury is still out) on this glass table top.  This mid-century base was restored and painted and the graphic art was permanently bonded to the back of the smokey glass top. If you find yourself at a loss for topics of conversation with house guests… or if your 2 favorite animals are horses and pterodactyls… or if you’re a creationist that believes that horses and pterodactyls were created on the same day a few thousand years ago and lived together simultaneously and this may just be one of the oldest known photographs of these animals in their natural habitat… than this table is for you.

24″ wide x 24″ deep x 21″ tall

we <3 functional art!

Can you store things in them? yes! Can you sit on them? you bet! can you use them as end tables? for sure! what about a coffee table? of course! Basically these cubes are only limited by your imagination.

They’re made from 100% reclaimed wood (from the rebuilding exchange) and finished with tung oil and a hand-burned blackening process . Now… here’s where the fun part comes in…. we can put almost any graphic you’d like on them! do you have a favorite poem? or sweet image of some amazing place? yep, we can put it on these cubes for you. Just contact us and we can give you the parameters. We can also do custom graphics for you… or make the cubes sans graphics if you are a minimalist.


We like the 1920’s. Both the work of El Lissitsky and the streamlined art moderne movement…. So why not combine the two?  Slick, rounded aluminum stock sharply contrasts with angular (reclaimed) wood in these two matching side tables. Map inlays were added that highlight international shipping routes from North America.

Use them side by side as an entertainment stand: use them as end tables: use them as bedside tables: just use them.

26″ wide x 19″ deep x 26″ tall


This rounded 50’s inspired boomerang coffee table can fly into almost any decor. The top is made from reclaimed wood and finished with a deep danish-style chamfer around the edges. Grey hairpin legs accentuate the curvature of the form. It could also be a great gift for a star-trek lover without being too, well…. dorky.  Beam it up! (to your living room). Engage.

48″ long x 30″ wide x 20″ tall


Set of 3 side tables for chicago lovers! These black and white danish tables can stack and unstack as table space is needed. If you like chicago and helvetica, these beauties are for you!


Amazing useful and very functional cart! Use it in the kitchen as an island… use it in the living room as a beverage cart… use it on a patio for dinner parties… use it in your office to  hold your printer…. It’s handy casters make moving it a breeze, but they also lock to ensure the cart is stable while you slice your onions.

37″ long x 17″ deep x 38″ tall


Slick? maybe. Cool? definitely. This coffee table has character galore. The main frame was salvaged from a piece of old industrial machinery and fitted out with oiled birch plywood. A splash of red contrasts nicely with the original teal painted metal and exposed zinc fasteners.

16″ deep, 45″ long, 16″ high


A salvaged steel base, sunshine yellow fiberglass shell chairs, and a reclaimed wood table top… together forever! This awesome, integral table and chair set will definitely add some cheer to, well, anywhere. If you’re constantly misplacing your dining chairs, then this table is for you!

Table measures 25″ wide x 43″ long


This table was an awesome collaboration between MOD-O & new found studio, so check out their site & see what else they have for sale!

Who doesn’t like playing a good game? Thats exactly why we incorporated a backgammon board into this danish-style coffee table. Not only do backgammon boards have a great, mid-century look, they’re functional! No more sitting around the coffee table wondering what to do. Play backgammon.

72″ long x 20″ deep x 16″ high


Well, this coffee table isn’t Danish. However we did use mid-century Danish design principles… In the end, we built a low table with sexy, slim lines and canted tapered legs. The irony, perhaps, is that this modern & refined table is built entirely from discarded floor joists that were locally salvaged (and a bit of black gas pipe). This table was finished with many coats of tung oil ensuring a satin sheen that will last for years to come. Shiny, sexy, long lasting… what more could you ask for in a coffee table?

19″ wide x 56″ long 15″ high


This side table features a simple reclaimed butcher-block style pine top with a durable oil and wax finish, mounted atop a vintage mid-century chrome rolling chair base. This table is height-adjustable to fit whatever purpose you see fit. A little modern, a little rustic, its perfect for use as an end table or as a versatile compact mobile side table for eating pizza on the couch.

23″ x 23″ x 22-25″ high


This table is a scrappy compilation of reclaimed douglas fir, pine and oak flooring. We left the natural (100+ yr old) patina on some of the boards to give this piece some distinctive contrast. Gaps & voids in the wood accentuate the diversity and dissimilitude of the wrapping surface; and the table surface itself breaks down as it turns the corner to create legs that rest on the floor. We finished the piece off with some over-sized hardware and a gas pipe shelf for shoes or books.

18″ high x 18″ wide X 42″ long

*this was a custom piece for a client. If you dig it, and want something similar, contact us and we’ll get started!

Us per usual, all of our wood is from the awesome Rebuilding Exchange. Go there.

Who wouldn’t love the freedom that a home on wheels would offer? Well now you can have that same sense of independence in a table. (we’ll call it a stepping stone!) This set of 3 stackable, nesting tables depicts one of the most iconic mobile homes on the market- the Airstream. The vintage tables are supported by three gorgeous tapered legs with brass detailing. These would make a great alternative to a traditional coffee table for those with tight spatial constraints. They would probably work well in your airstream, too.

15″ round x 16-1/2″ high


What do you get when you cross reclaimed cherry floor boards with a stainless steel clothing rack? A super functional table! This apartment sized table can be adjusted to normal dining height or raised up for a slick bistro table if friends come for cocktails. The thin, square lines of this piece should resonate with those who have a passion for minimalism. The cherry top is distinctly delicate, but the table is remarkably sturdy. Grab some chairs or bar stools and enjoy this beauty!

42″ wide x 31″ deep x 29″-42+” high


Is it a tree? Is it a farm field? YOU decide! A wonderful modified Lane oak table with gorgeous hairpin legs (provided by our friends at Scraptones). It would make a nice apartment sized coffee table or side table for that awesome mid-century chair you have.

24″ round x 20″ high


This hand-scraped butcher block is paired with an industrial (height adjustable) rolling chair base. The butcher block is made from reclaimed old-growth pine, stained & scraped, then finished with paste wax. Perfect end table, night stand, or whatever you want it to be. Seriously.

21″ x 21″ x 20″ max. height.


This table is an obvious hand-crafted copy of a 60’s ‘surfboard’ styled coffee table. We decided to accentuate the fact it was a replica and add text relating to both handicraft and mass production: more specifically, the printing press. Even the design itself is a transfer of a xerox copy.  Low, danish-style tapered legs and the elongated graphic add to the slim lines of the table.

55″ x 17″ x 12″ high


Another recently refinished and updated piece. A classic fifties double drop-leaf dining table, with the recent addition of some double yellow line graphics that say “stop asking me to pass the potatoes”.   It has a beautiful veneer top and yellow feet to tie it all together.

Dimensions are 38″ wide x 26″ long, 62″ long with leafs extended. (seats up to 8 people)