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This desk is a great (reclaimed wood and lacquered steel) addition to any workspace. Repurposed index card organizers were outfitted with wood handles and used for drawers. It’s simple, it goes with everything.  (Re)claim it for yourself!

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What are table legs without knees? For this bar height table, we faceted the leg form to accentuate the connection of the horizontal leg braces and used a large gusset plate to act as a washer for the lag bolts. The ends are tapered to create a slick side profile. It’s constructed from reclaimed wood (thanks, Rx) and raw steel plate.

Telos: 10th Floor Lyric 1Telos: 10th Floor Lyric 3Telos: 10th Floor Lyric 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We were lucky enough to have our table featured in a number of photos by the talented folks at Steinkamp Photography. Wright/Heerema Architects (who designed this lovely build-out) were kind enough to collaborate with us to design a custom table for this space. Now, we’re working on a few more designs with them for some other offices, so stay tuned for those photos in the near future!

© Connor Steinkamp, Steinkamp Photography

© Connor Steinkamp, Steinkamp Photography

Wright Heerema 55 West Monroe_3

© Connor Steinkamp, Steinkamp Photography

Wright Heerema 55 West Monroe_2

© Connor Steinkamp, Steinkamp Photography

This tall-boy desk is composed of a black, lacquered mdf center sandwiched between two (yes 2!) naturally ebonized reclaimed wood slabs. Yum! Simple steel angles and tubes hold these functional layers anywhere from 42″-50″ off the ground for optimal standing comfort for our tall client. It’s meant to be used as a desk, but can also function as a bar or high kitchen island.

24″ wide x 60″ long x 42-50″ high

This was a custom piece for a client. If you like it and want something similar, please contact us at

This giant table is sure to turn some heads at the office it will call home. It features a steel frame (large enough to hold up a small house), plenty of reclaimed wood (from the Rx), a ‘cute’ finger joint detail at both ends and an extra durable finish that will hold up for years to come. When we make furniture, we make FURNITURE!

48″ wide x 108″ long x 42″ high

*special shout-out to Brian McGuire who shot the first 3 great pics. Photo props! More pics to follow soon as well.

Shiny- yes. Durable- of course! This awesome vintage all-steel tanker desk was stripped bare and finished with lacquer. It will surely hold all of your office supplies and out-last any other desk on the market while looking universally stylish in any decor, guaranteed!

60″ long x 30″ wide x 29″ tall


We designed and constructed this amazing counter with plenty of storage for a super-hip new furniture store called Sojourn up in Sawyer, MI. We wrapped the birch plywood box with skim-planed reclaimed wood (from Rebuilding Exchange) and capped it off with a versatile and modern back-painted glass top as well as some distressed steel casters.

Amazing useful and very functional cart! Use it in the kitchen as an island… use it in the living room as a beverage cart… use it on a patio for dinner parties… use it in your office to  hold your printer…. It’s handy casters make moving it a breeze, but they also lock to ensure the cart is stable while you slice your onions.

37″ long x 17″ deep x 38″ tall


Don’t like sitting at a desk? Well have you tried sitting at a bright, sunny tanker desk with plenty of storage? That’s what we thought. This awesome Steelcase desk was refinished to include a lacquered steel top and sunshine yellow drawers, sure to keep your desk space organized and clutter-free. It also has a slide-out writing tray and pencil drawer. It’s sure to keep you happily working, even on the gloomiest of days.

45″ wide x 30″ deep x 29″ tall


Multi-purpose, adjustable height, rolling table/bench/desk/island! Wow, there’s a lot going on here! The table itself was fashioned out of locally reclaimed wood and glued up in a butcher-block style. There are variations in length, width, color, age and texture of the wood slats which create a striking palette! The base (formerly a conveyor belt base) was salvaged from a local scrapyard; cleaned, sanded and waxed. The possibilites are endless for this piece, the only limit is your imagination.

28 1/2″ wide x 70 1/2″ long x 24-33″ high (height adjustable)


These 60’s all steel tanker desks are relatively easy to track down, and they are usually in good shape because they are INDESTRUCTABLE! Painstakingly removing the old enamel and rust reveals a like-new shiny steel surface. The mixed reclaimed Douglas Fir and Pine top is sealed with a layer of clear resin creating a harder, more durable work surface. A little splash of Tang colored enamel provides your recommended daily value of vitamin fun.

32″ deep x 62″ long x 29″ high


“She don’t use nothin’…you buy at the store. She likes her desk to… be real orange!” – The Flaming Lips… kind of….

Shout Out to Apartment Therapy for featuring this desk in their Scavenger Section!

This steel cart got quite a facelift! We found this beauty sitting outside of a metal scrapyard rusting away. With a little TLC, it was transformed into this playful beverage cart/kitchen cart/storage cart thing that you see now! The moire dot pattern was stenciled on using scrap perforated metal and the top is solid maple from a derelict table. The bottom shelf and drawer are lined with clear-coated birch panels. Great multi-functional, rolling, fun piece of furniture.

29″ wide x 18″ deep x 34″ high


Old, warm wood and cool steel come together in this refurbished 50’s All Steel desk. The reclaimed Douglas fir planks are held together using a cherry spine set into a consistent 1/2″ dado along the length of the board which reveals itself at either end of the table. The boards were skim-planed in order to keep the original character and patina in tact. The sharp edges and warm hue of the top contrast the smooth, cool, rounded base and stainless hardware. The old painted steel desk was stripped, sanded, polished & lacquered many times to ensure long-lasting durability and is accented with grass green painted writing surfaces & back panel. SOLID and HEAVY- but it comes apart into car-friendly pieces. I’m pretty sure this desk is going to last forever, mainly because the wood is 1/2 petrified already and the rest is steel…. Don’t worry, we’ll help you carry it down our stairs!

62″ long x 31″ deep x 29″ high


Oh- and once again, our thanks to the Rebuilding Exchange for the reclaimed wood

also a shout out to Apartment Therapy for featuring this desk on their Chicago Scavenger List!!